The Future Is Now

Our Dallas County Democratic Party must be REVITALIZED to grow and reflect our progressive values.


Together we can build a brighter future!

As a marketing professional, WINNING campaign manager, and long time activist Michelle has the EXPERIENCE, stamina, and DRIVE to accomplish the goals of:

  • BUILDING a 21st century organizing network that DELIVERS state of the art tools for Precinct Chairs, Candidates, and Volunteers to grow our base and increase voter TURNOUT each and every time. 


  • A DATA DRIVEN Voter Outreach Program that allows Precinct Chairs to GET OUT THE VOTE each and every time.


  • Develop a pipeline of diverse and ethical LEADERS who are reflective of our communities.


Here's how we do it...


As an executive, Michelle, has LED teams of professionals and volunteers to successes using "BEST PRACTICES", state of the art tools, DISCIPLINE and lots of LOVE

  • Provide Precinct Chairs the support and infrastructure to facilitate ORGANIZING, COMMUNITY outreach, CAPACITY building, and volunteer recruitment with marketing and administrative support to reduce their pain points.
  • Support all DEMOCRATS and PROGRESSIVE candidates running for office with organizing, marketing, volunteer recruitment, and tools to facilitate effective GRASSROOTS campaigns that help grow our base and develop our leadership PIPELINE.


  • Develop a deep bench of VOLUNTEERS who are supported, recognized and APPRECIATED.


From creating COMPELLING marketing campaigns, to ENERGIZING volunteers, to knocking on doors in the freezing rain, MICHELLE KNOWS how to reach voters and get their attention.

  • Give Democratic clubs the resources they need to keep Voters ENGAGED year round and reduce voter apathy.


  • Give Precinct Chairs the SUPPORT needed for GOTV during every election to reduce voter drop-offs in non-presidential elections.


  • Give our low turnout eligible voters a place to be informed, IMPASSIONED, and receive consistent attention to convert them into life-long voters.



As a mother, Michelle wants to NURTURE the next generation of Democrats to be campaign managers, candidates, precinct chairs, organizers and volunteers NOW, so that OUR children INHERIT a world where WE all have a chance to make our world a BETTER PLACE.

  • Bring into the tent ALL of the local Democratic Clubs and progressive GROUPS by providing them with the tools and resources they need to grow.


  • MENTOR young progressives and provide opportunities and training so they are prepares to be the FUTURE of Our Party.


  • PROVIDE students (of all ages) internship OPPORTUNITIES within the party and within campaigns. 



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