The Future is Now

We are taught to believe that world is an ever evolving place. Times change, attitudes change, priorities change, yet it always feels that politics has left young people by the wayside. We are often told "your time will come", well what if it already has? What if the children that stand and protest gun violence, or climate change, or the status quo are not the future? What if they are the now? What are we doing to encourage, support and nurture them? What if the millennials that have marched to the street demanding equity and civil rights for ALL people, are not the future? What if they are the now? What are we doing to encourage, support and nurture them? 


I look back to my Grandmother's generation, a generation that at the time of their youth were told they were extremists for expecting people of all colors to be treated fairly, and that demanded our government end wars that were inhumane, and that demanded women be given the right to self determination. I think about my mother's generation, where the world saw it's first female presidents, astronauts, and self made millionaires, where American men and women of all walks of life fought for equality of the LGBTQ+ community, where people all over the world demanded the end of oppressive regimes. What if we had done more to  encourage, support and nurture them? 


What I have realized is we are all one. Times have not changed, attitudes have not changed, priorities have not changed, what has changed is that the voice of the people continues to be heard louder and louder, but we are all one people. We have always been united in our want for better, for change, for growth. It is high-time that we galvanize and come together for progress. 


I want a world that encourages, supports and nurtures the voice of the people. For me that begins with working towards a tomorrow where every person dedicated to progressive values is given the encouragement, support and nurture they need or seek to be leaders. I believe the the Democratic Party is the party of progress, decency and where people's voice is encouraged to be LOUDER.


As Dallas County Democratic Party Chair I will ensure that all Democrats in Dallas County (Precinct Chair, Club Leaders, Community Organizers, Candidates, elected officials, campaign workers, future leaders and voters) are given the encouragement, support and nurture they deserve.

To me it is a travesty that we have left it up to national groups, mostly nonpartisan, to determine who our future leaders will be. We must take back our community and be at the helm of innovation. Join me in making Dallas County Democratic Party a place for all progressive people to feel encouraged, supported and nurtured.

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